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RS-R the Number 1 suspension manufacturer in Japan is
proud to bring their technology and know-how to Australia. 
The RS-R coilovers are all monotube hand assembled systems
specifically designed to improve ride quality, performance & Comfort.

With custom valving and spring rates available to accommodate all 
your suspension requirements. Utilizing the highest quality materials
& components such as; laser cut upper mounts, hand welded lower
brackets, vehicle specific valving, are all assembled by hand to ensure
quality and detail, with everything made in and assembled in Japan,
Backed with a 1 year 20,000km warranty. 



Though all springs may appear to look the same, their performance is not, because RS-R takes into account that every model of car has its own characteristics, the lowering Springs ensure more than just the look you desire. Just because they fit, does not mean they were meant to perform properly for the car. 


At RS-R, each spring set is designed to give the the best handling and look thats available from a perfomance spring package, we are excited that we now can offer this to Australian Customers.


RS-currently offers two types of lowering springs the RS-R DOWN SPRINGS -YEAR 50,000KM WARRANTY & The Ti2000 SPRINGS with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Taking into consideration the factory suspension geometry, shock dampening, spring rate and ride height levels,


RS-R ensures that the springs you are getting were made for your car both for performance and ride comfort through extensive R&D.



RANUP enhances engine efficiency at the microscopic level. Utilizing key components thathave been derived from aerospace robotics, this specially formulated mixture of nano ceramics reduces friction throughout all  oil-lubricated areas of the engine. This creates an environment where performance can reach its maximum potential. The numbers don't lie! 

RS-R RANUP Dyno proven power!

Benefits Include: Reduced friction, less parts wear, Increased Horsepower & Torque, Improved fuel mileage, Reduced vibration, Reduced oil consumption, Reduced oil temperature and Increased oil life. --1 bottle provides 2 treatments!!--

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